My Story

Once Upon a Time

                                             there was a daydreaming girl who loved to draw. Sketching fantasy castles and elaborate comic strips, she nurtured her active imagination with pencils and paper. The world was a visual playground that held endless possibilities.

At eleven years old she mailed her first picture book dummy off to the publisher, J. B. Lippincott Company. It was returned with a standard rejection letter but enclosed was an encouraging note from the editor that set the young girl on her creative path. Attending art school was a major step on the journey. After graduating, she obtained an illustration agent and specialized in educational art. Now her early childhood dream of illustrating and writing children's picture books has become a reality. That daydreamer is me–I'm Kathie Kelleher. My pencils are sharpened and I'm ready to draw.      

Kathie Kelleher Illustration  ©2020 •